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A company you can rely on for the most effective interstate vehicle transport. From Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond, we can provide cheap interstate car and machinery transport, with our movers making it as simple and stress-free for you as possible.

Moving cities but don’t want to drive your vehicle all that way? Do you want your car to arrive in the condition it left in? Without any extra scratches, dings, and – most of all – miles? Then it’s time to call the interstate car movers at Jim’s Door to Door Car Carrying and Transport about interstate vehicle transport from Sydney to nearby states.

Based in Sydney, we provide interstate vehicle transport across the east coast of Australia, from Brisbane to Melbourne. We understand the logistical difficulties involved in transporting often extremely value luxury or classic cars long-distance. Our experience in and knowledge of the industry helps us to ensure favourable outcomes for our clients no matter the nature of the move. Whether it’s a motorcycle, a piece of heavy agricultural machinery or a one-of-a-kind, hand-built vintage car, we’ll get there safe and sound.

Tips for effective car and machinery transportation

Using the very best transportation and haulage equipment, our experienced movers will transfer your property safely and securely. They also offer interstate machinery transport for larger vehicles. Make the most of our cheap services by following these easy preparation tips:

  • Empty your vehicle of your possessions and custom items, like stereos and speakers. This will save money on the move, as well as to protect your possessions.
  • It’s much cheaper to transfer a moveable vehicle;  so investigate the cost of getting it moveable (ie, replacing a battery or repairing some damage) and compare it to the amount you’ll save on the moving costs.
  • If you have any toll tags or parking passes, remove or deactivate them – you don’t want to be charged twice for all the tolls along the way!

By following these simple steps you will receive cheap car transport interstate curtsey of our expert services.

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Whatever you’re moving, do it with the professionals. Jim’s Door to Door Carrying and Transport helps people across NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania safely move some of their most valuable assets, ensuring that their financial and sentimental value is preserved.

For more information about machinery and car transport in Sydney or any other major eastern cities, please call our friendly movers on 0408 441 619 today.

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