Factors That Determine Car Transport Cost

Moving can be overwhelming, especially transporting a vehicle from one location to another. Moreover, car transport cost is the primary concern for people who are moving across the country because household packers & movers generally do not help to transport a vehicle.

If you are relocating and looking for car transport Sydney to Melbourne, it is always a good idea to rely on auto shipping companies and compare the prices from different services.

Car transporting cost may vary depending on several factors. Here are the primary factors that affect the overall price for using the door to door car transport service.

Car shipping season

Yes, in contrast with other moving services, transporting your vehicle during the winter could be more expensive than during the summer season. Typically, if you expect excellent customer service, then you will have to pay more. Also, fast shipping service will also cost you more like any other shipping service because a quick pick up and delivery require proper route planning.

There is less expensive transport car service that allows the company to organise the delivery according to the most efficient transportation practice which is fully loaded trailer delivering within a close proximity perimeter.

Location and distance

This is the primary factor that determines the price for shipping a car. The more the distance, the more you have to pay. Options include port to port or door to door and drop facilities. Check whether your car shipping service has these facilities so that you can choose the one that suits your budget.

Open versus closed car delivery

Transportation service offers the standard open delivery and the enclosed delivery options. When compared to open trailer delivery, enclosed car delivery is more expensive. Open trailer delivery is the least expensive one where the vehicles are uncovered and exposed to weather and road conditions.

Most of the customers choose open trailer delivery because it is more affordable. Enclosed trailers delivery is expensive because the car is protected from natural elements and debris. This type of delivery is suitable for high-end sports and classic cars.

However, it is up to you to choose either of this option based on your needs and budget.

Size and weight of the car

Size and weight of the vehicle is another standard factor that affects the price of car transport Sydney to Brisbane.  The larger the vehicle the more expensive it will be to deliver them. When compared to big cars like SUV, smaller and compact cars take less space and are lighter, so they are less expensive. Large vehicles will be heavy, and they need more space on the trailers which affects the fuel consumption of the car shipping truck.

Time of delivery

Do you want your car soon after you have moved out? Or is it okay to wait for a few days? A lot of companies provide express delivery on additional charges. The faster you need, the more you have to pay.

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