An Ultimate Guide for Interstate Car Transport in Australia

interstate car transport

Planned to move interstate but still deciding on how to transport your car? Hiring a professional interstate car transport service is an ideal option if you want to be smart and keep the stress at a minimum level. Here we have listed a few things to consider while transporting your car, if you have never used the car transport service before.


Depending on various factors, the cost of auto transportation can vary wildly. While hiring a car transport Melbourne to Sydney, ask the right questions about difference in pricing to get competitive prices. Here is a simple list of different price variables that affect the cost of car transport.

  • Weight of the car
  • The distance travelled
  • How quickly you need the car shipped and
  • The time of year you are shipping

Also, never sign a paperwork that hasn’t been fully explained to avoid any hidden charges later.


During the transit, there are chances of damages to your car from flying debris, dust and even rain if it is not in a covered container. So, while choosing a car transport service, find one that is able to provide a shipping container to place your car in. Also, make sure that the company you choose is fully insured, bonded and licensed.

Vehicle Pick Up and Delivery

Today, most of the car transport companies in the business pick your vehicle up at your home and deliver it to your door on the other end. Generally, cars will be delivered and picked up from the train freight depot and can be a bit of an inconvenience. But, vehicle pickup and delivery service provided by the car transport companies is a real time saver and convenience.

Tips to Get Your Car Ready for the Transit

When it comes to getting your car ready for the shipping, you are completely responsible. Mechanical problems in your vehicles cause damages, hence it is recommended to perform a maintenance check before shipping your car. Go through the following check-list to make sure that your car is proper working condition.

  • Check your car for any leaks, cracks or any other damages
  • Ensure the battery has a full charge
  • Check the tyres
  • Top up all the fluids in the car
  • Empty the petrol tank

If you spot any damages in your car, add them to the written document and ensure that the driver is made aware. This could save you from any future issues. Also, if you have any personal items such as GPS, TV, Toll or parking passes, and any other removable items in your car, remove them and ship separately. Always check your states’ rules when it comes to car transport Sydney to Melbourne for a successful transit.

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